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Hi, and thank you for stopping by. My name is Vianne Fischer.

How on earth did I, as a nurse and a psychotherapist, become a healer?

I have to admit that I really don’t know! My background is a childhood in a very religious home in western Jutland and it was certainly never written on my birth certificate that I would one day end up being a healer. For many years the prejudices about “the alternative” lived a good life with me.
I finished my education as a nurse when I was 22, and for a number of years I worked in special areas related to physical illnesses. From 1988 I started working in the psychiatry and later I qualified as a psychotherapist. And by doing that I thought that my fortune was made! But.. but.. but….

Do you know the feeling of missing something without knowing what it is?

That’s how I felt in 2010-2011. Words started to feel empty and hollow – and that’s not right when you are a psychotherapist who hasn’t yet started practicing telepathy 😉

What do you do when you don’t know what you are looking for?

You start by asking “uncle Google” for example – and reading a lot about a lot of different subjects.
I am still not able to explain what happened when I came across a website about Reconnective Healing. I chose to go all the way and book two healing sessions and one Reconnection! It was a bit crazy and far-fetched but nevertheless that’s what I did!



And then the Angels started singing?

Nope. I lay down on the table and didn’t really feel anything. Except that my eyes started blinking totally uncontrolled.

Shortly after I started noticing a few changes, and today I constantly do that. Physically I have got more energy, and the infections don’t bother me like they did before.
Mentally and emotionally I have gained more peace and stability but first of all it suits me well to be ‘me’, and I feel an intense joy of life. I haven’t felt that before in the same way because my oversized sense of responsibility made me feel that life was very demanding.

Then I started to read the book, “The Reconnection” by Dr. Eric Pearl, in which he tells about the development of Reconnective Healing. While I was reading, I felt a new vision unfold in me: I could also help people to identify their special potential through healing.

In April 2012 I participated in the seminars which now authorize me to facilitate Reconnective Healing® and to practice The Reconnection®.
Unfortunately, healing is not part of the established health system (yet), so that’s why I have decided to practice it through my own firm.

Rekindle Your Fire
- Create Your Life

For many years I was convinced that my life was inefficient and lacked something I was supposed to receive from an external source. That was – and still is – a big lie! It is actually the biggest lie that we human beings have ever been asked to believe.

Each of us lives with an unlimited potential inside. It is in our cells, in our DNA. It is alive deep down in our soul. Once we realize all the “hidden gold and the diamonds” we have, we will be ready to start unfolding this potential to a degree that we may only have dreamt of.

Rekindle your fire