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Vianne's Blog

22 Apr

Can you change your subconscious patterns?

One day in the outpatient psychiatry I was talking to a person who wanted help. The theme was a brain that for many years had been used to thinking in repeatedly, overanalytic thinking patterns. We talked about whether it's possible to change anything when 95% of the mind is unconscious? I don't have any doubt that...
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02 Jan

Create the world – all the time

COME, LET US CREATE THE WORLD If you have tried to wish that something was different, and then just continued to do what you used to do, then you also know that everything remains as usual. Nothing is changing. If you and I want change, we need to create something different. We create all the time using actions,...
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05 Oct

Mindfulness can be life-changing

Mindfulness as a practice can be life-changing.

Three weeks ago I had a therapy session with a woman who sometimes suffer from depression. She had experienced several months of thriving so I was surprised to see that the symptoms were back. Her anxiety level had increased too, and she sat there with a very hopeless...
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05 Jul

Are you living your life by conclusions?

Some people have built their lives by very clear conclusions as the foundation of their lives. Conclusions as:
  • I can't handle my life alone.
  • I'm not capable to live a social life.
  • I have always had poor self-esteem.
  • I'm too sensitive to noises.
  • I can't function in a group.
  • My anxiety prevents me to go...
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