Monthly Archives: January 2015

14 Jan

Find you own power!

Find your own power!

Have you given your power away by immersing yourself in a community which preach that you need a teacher, counselor, master, savior or guru?

Deep inside us human beings lies this conviction, that we should look for one who can save us - one who can make life better for us, and can...
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07 Jan

Create space between your daily actvities

You can learn to be present.

You can follow courses. You can read about it and then practice at home. You may even find your own way to be present (mindful). You can indeed be present anywhere and anytime. How? Next time you turn on or off the switch, or next time you make coffee, then...
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04 Jan

Don’t give your power away!

Don't give your power away!

Do you find that you sometimes give your power away to others?

That you let others' attitudes and opinions overrule what you mean about yourself? Do you realize when your thoughts sometimes persist with critical, perfectionistic ratings? So you almost have a doubt about who you are and what you really have to offer? And...
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