Are you less than 100 %?

I think that we all have an inner voice. An inner voice that really is you, who speaks for you and is totally you. Some call it the soul, others call it a spirit or the inner guide. Feel free to call it what you feel for!

I like to call it "my inner fire of life". It is the fire that burns while I live in this world and it is the fire I take with me when I have to leave my body again.

When the flame is turned down, I cannot feel myself. Then I have to turn to the external world to look around and to pay attention to what others say about me and about life in general. The consequence will be that I start to live the life as my family, friends and colleagues do and I think that's even how I want it. Do you know what I am talking about?

In April 2012 I sat in a large hall in Oslo together with about 300 people. For the first time in my life I had spent money to participate in something that I absolutely could not explain the idea of. I could only feel that I should be there.

In front of us on the podium was Eric Pearl, the founder of The Reconnection. He spoke about what Reconnective Healing is; that healing is actually not about the disappearing of disease symptoms but first and foremost for the whole person to be brought back into balance on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). The side effects so to speak, could be a healing or at best a cure.

My skepticism kept distracting me inside my head: Did I ever dare to "jump out" as a healer, me with my evangelical background where the true healer is Jesus and if there are healers, it’s a special given gift of grace from God?

In the middle of all the internal noise I suddenly heard Eric Pearl's voice coming through to me, "You ARE already 100%"!

The air just stood perfectly still around me. Very still. It was as if all the other people in the room pulled away from me and I sat in a silent room where these words were repeated again and again: You are 100%. The next few minutes I heard nothing of what was going on in the room. I was just sitting there while this insight unfolded itself: I am 100% - We are all 100%!

I knew it so well. It was really obvious. Even I knew it very well as an intention, I had not consciously believed it before that moment. In those few seconds I realized that I am a totally worthwhile person.

I no longer have to hold myself back, but I can express myself and look at myself with great love. And I would just add that out of this will grow inevitably the love for your fellow human beings.

When I look back at my life today, I can see that all the events in my life have led me to where I am today. Although it is now not often that I look back because I have no need; life here and now is so amazing! Every day I realize how everything falls into place like pearls on a string, something I cannot conceive and plan in better ways myself. I just have to be attentive, open and curious.

The force from my 100% I use to create the life I want. A life where I am tuned into the reason why I'm here. Not that I never go off because that’ll happen from time to time, but then I turn inward and sit for a while at my inner life’s fire and then I can feel the course setting out again.

Find time to sit with your inner fire.

Remember to play <3

Warm greetings,


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