Create the world – all the time


If you have tried to wish that something was different, and then just continued to do what you used to do, then you also know that everything remains as usual. Nothing is changing.

If you and I want change, we need to create something different.
We create all the time using actions, conscious and unconscious thoughts, ideas, conclusions and reactions.

We are literally in the process of creating the world - all the time.
You and I create our lives EVERY SECOND of our lives.
We create our own little universe, which then becomes part of a larger universe.

Science, quantum physics has found "a unified field" that is affected by everyone's thoughts, intentions and ideas, eg. the more we contribute with the same feelings, the more the universe will change in that direction.

Therefore, I choose to see opportunities and possibilities in the year that lies ahead of me - and create with all my heart. Not in a selfish, self-indulgent approach, but with the awareness that I'm connected to all of you, who too creates your world.

Do you want to join me? Let us create the world together.

Happy New Year!

Remember to play ❤️



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