Business Birthday :)

One year ago on this very day, I registered my firm Connect toyour Universe™. Hip hip hurray and congratulations! It has been and still is an exciting journey to be part of.

It started as a humble dream of getting independent and being able to facilitate healing to anyone that would come to me. Of course I started out thinking that this was simply too crazy and way over my head. Who do you think you are? 😉

Now the idea has grown and developed into something big, and I am actually able to see the dream coming true in the horizon. It’s incredible and almost crazy!

I have worked in the health system since 1977 when I started as a nurse student. It hasn’t always been fun especially when we had to adjust to organizational changes. So often I’ve felt that these changes conflicted with the treatment we were supposed to give people who needed our help.

When people come to us and literally entrust their lives into our hands, then the treatment should be directed at each patient and not according to the right numbers on a balance sheet. The balance sheet is important, of course, but focus should always be the patient and his/her development. End of discussion!

I believe that things can change and that goes for the health system as well, but it will probably take a very long time.  In the meantime I want to live out my vision which is to be both a supplement and an alternative to the treatment that people can get today in the public health system. That’s why I offer services like psychotherapy and mindfulness in my firm.

The stone that skims over the water is an excellent image of my wish for all of us:

That we retrieve and remain in the power that we have been given from the very beginning.

Don’t forget to play!

My best wishes,


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