Don’t give your power away!

Don't give your power away!

Do you find that you sometimes give your power away to others?

That you let others' attitudes and opinions overrule what you mean about yourself?

Do you realize when your thoughts sometimes persist with critical, perfectionistic ratings?

So you almost have a doubt about who you are and what you really have to offer?

And if that wasn't all: Your brain put you in front of an exam table where you will be compared with others and judged!

I know it. ALL know it and experience this now and then! You see, this is to be human on earth. Unless you live isolated on an island in space.

We are influenced by other people's opinions and attitudes.

A kind of collective pressure. In consequence people join groups of very different kinds. Groups that support what they believe in, so they can feel safe and jointly stand against whatever might come of criticism.

"We feel very comfortable together. We support each other. We must help the people outside, which obviously are going the wrong way. It is so unfortunate that they can’t see it. We must teach them so they can get back on the track. " Ect. Etc. A world where one "sees" and maintains (!), that other people are for example ignorant and evil.

I must remind you that quantum physics has long since proven that thoughts are energy. So be very careful how you "see" the world. For the world is as you "see" it! And the more people who "sees" the world as you do, the more likely it is that it manifests itself just like this.

It is fine and good to be a part of a group. But even such groups stiffens in their self adequacy behaviour and are coming out of tune with what is happening in the world. If they don’t dare open up and let dissenters challenge their standpoints.

Life here on earth is not static.

Everything is life in motion. Everything is energy. You too. And you can’t judge another person's life as worth less, although it seems that they do not succeed in anything.

For how can you know this for sure? You don’t know the person's deepest dreams and aspirations. Do you basically know what they are here for? NO, no one know which road is the best!

Do you know YOUR way? Do you know what you're here for?

The answers to the questions evolves throughout life, I think.

When I was around 11 years old, I got a book about Florence Nightingale’s life.

That book gave birth to a burning desire inside me to help others, which she did with great impact. (That she perhaps have been a tough bitch at the time in order to bring about major changes, the book fortunately didn’t mention nothing about;) )

As a 15 years old teenager, I got an agreement with the matron at the nursing school in Herning. SHE was a tough lady but guided me gently, for she could feel my passion. At age 22 I was a nurse. And ready to do what I had done since birth, namely to adapt to life and take care of others.

The remarkable thing in looking back now when I'm 56 years old, is that my passion, my passions, changed along the way. Unerringly and without pardon. Obviously (as I see it now) I needed to learn to take care of myself with the same passion.

In fact, I think that passion first and foremost must change ourselves and not others!

The passion(s) lives deep inside yourself, where you is YOU.

Associated with and one with the vibrant intelligence, the source that created life, your life, my life, all lives of others, EVERYTHING.

Therein lies your power!

Regardless of others opinion about you.

Whatever the demeaning thoughts you may have about yourself.

No matter how few people you have to support you.

In there you're never alone! You are and always will be connected to all living things.

Don’t give your power away!

And - remember to play <3


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