Find you own power!

Find your own power!

Have you given your power away by immersing yourself in a community which preach that you need a teacher, counselor, master, savior or guru?

Deep inside us human beings lies this conviction, that we should look for one who can save us - one who can make life better for us, and can make us more confident for the unknown that awaits us.

In a religion or a spiritual movement you try to find what you are searching for: A view of life that feels nice and comfortable and seems to meet everything you need, so you are able to live a life without too much fear and uncertainty.

  • BUT how about your self-image, when you think that you need someone or something to fulfill your life?
  • How do you look upon what lies deep in your soul?  Do you pay attention to it and give it quality? Or would you rate it as so unreliable, that you cannot use it to determine the direction of your life?

We are all "sovereign souls". YOU are a sovereign soul. YOU are sufficient. YOU are ENOUGH!

YOU have in your cells built-in everything you need to live your life. Science has described only 4% of your DNA, and is in the process of studying the function of the 96%.

  • Do not look for someone who is "more" than you. You are enough!
  • You definitely need to study and learn more, but always remember that it must not minimize you and your potential! No one is more valuable than you. You are enough!
  • Do not let anyone decide what is best for you. NEVER! This cannot be emphasized too strongly. You can decide it for yourself. You are enough!

If you need help, then ask the other person TO GUIDE you to find your own direction! Get options, which you can search and choose from.

My experiences are that when you open your mind to get what you need, then it will find you. That is what I experience again and again and again...

When you realize that you have everything, you will begin to realize the fact that you on a subquantum level are connected to all life in the universe. You are one with it. One with all living beings!

I think that the 96% DNA is being activated in different ways in these years.

People offer several methods to you in order to get it done. Energy healing in particular is in focus. Not without reason.

But don’t seek it because you want to add something to be "better" or "more". I suggest you only chose it if you feel that you’re kind of pulled towards it and if you want to unpack and discover more of who you really are!

Reconnective Healing® got my attention in 2011, just while I was surfing on the Internet. I wasn’t looking for healing, so I just read a bit about it and then moved on. Shortly after a new link found it’s way back to me and I read more about it.

I thought about it for some time. It wasn’t exactly what I have had in mind, but I sensed that there was something that drew me in that direction. Eventually I let my inner rebuttals lie and chose to get two healings and then The Reconnection® (something that can be described as an “energetic reconnection" with energy lines in the universe).

Now I feel that everything fits together.  The fear for future has completely disappeared and I feel confidence towards life.

What I realized was a feeling of "coming home". In the beginning I addressed it to the organization which advocates for Reconnective Healing, but at some point it dawned on me: I really had come home to myself!

I think we always will be in the process of coming home to ourselves. There will always be something to distract us, so we briefly are going to turn our eyes away from our "sovereign soul". But the moment you realize this, then you are back home again.

Promise me that you will look for your inner power. It is there. It has always been there with you.

Always remember to play <3

With love,

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