Mindfulness can be life-changing

Mindfulness as a practice can be life-changing.

Three weeks ago I had a therapy session with a woman who sometimes suffer from depression. She had experienced several months of thriving so I was surprised to see that the symptoms were back. Her anxiety level had increased too, and she sat there with a very hopeless attitude.
She asked me: "Why?"

That's probably the only question you should never try to find an answer to, if you have this kind of symptoms. Your brain will grasp it with pleasure and love to try to find an answer with all the effort and energy you might have left. BUT that will not dissolve this kind of problems. Never. So - don't ask WHY.

Instead of answering her question, I started question her about how her daily life was, and soon she realized, that her former practice of mindfulness had gone. She had totally forgotten it. The summer had been very stressfull with some family problems, so the old pattern slowly arised again: She spend all her time solving others problems, and forgot to listen to her own needs at all.

We shortly repeated some mindful exercises, and she went home to resume a daily mindful practice. As a follow up we scheduled an appointment two weeks later.

You will probably not believe what showed up on my doorstep two weeks later: A very different woman! She was relaxed, she was smiling and her attitude was holding a soft gentleness of ease and joy.

What on earth had happened?
You are right: Her mindfulness practice was back on the track. She was again much more able to feel and sense herself, and she simply make better decisions because of that. She put herself back in the equation of life. With only 15 minutes of daily mindfulness practice!

Tip of the day:
Instead of asking WHY, you can ask "HOW can it get any better than this?" Then just listen ...

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