Your imagination is your hand of creation


AM I who my thoughts forms?
AM I what my memories tells me?
Or -
AM I something completely different than what I imagine?

I think we are all much more than we have ever been told and taught.

We've got a very limited view of ourselves and what we are capable of.

We have learned to see us as defined and thus limited and finite beings.

What if it's not true?
What if you cannot be defined and limited by others?
What if you just need to realize that your imagination is everything you need to create your life?

You may be distracted by many things in your daily life, e.g. your own and others' feelings and events around you.

Decide to start using your imagination conscious and focused, and let me hear from you if you don't experience a change in your life!

Don't be limited by what neither you or others think ...

Just create! ❤️

Warmest regards,


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