You can pay by cash, credit card, Mobile Pay
or you can insert prior to the session: Nordea Bank - account 2101 0746 357 141

Distant Healing and Psychotherapy can be paid via PayPal

  • Distant Healing
    1 session Pris: 333,- DKK

  • Psychotherapy
    1 sessionPris: 333,- DKK

You can book a session with me for Reconnective Healing®, Access Bars, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness instruction and training.

• Choose Access Bars (only in person) if you feel that you need more peace in your head and body and if you would like to clear up some of the many thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and reviews that you have downloaded to your unconscious mind through your life without even knowing it. Do you want to fully receive the abundance of life without resistance?

• Choose Reconnective Healing if you are in a personal process where you feel the need to get in touch with a universal healing energy and initiate the self-healing of your body, mind and spirit. You don’t need to believe in it to get an effect. You can choose between healing on my table and distance healing.

• Choose Psychotherapy if you prefer to work with your thoughts and feelings with words. You’ll also get some ideas about how to find peace and silence in your daily life.

• Choose Mindfulness if you want to learn some practical exercises for you daily life. We’ll work together to identify how you can learn to be mindful and present. The session will be arranged as a combination of conversation and exercises in mindfulness.

Practical information before the healing:
Use casual clothes (no shoes) when you lie down on your back on a massage massage table for 20-30 minutes. Just close your eyes and relax. I will not touch you during the session, only walk around the table. Afterwards you’ll get the possibility to tell me about your experience, to be aware of it.

Distance healing (recommendations for this healing method):
We’ll arrange a time for the session. You’ll receive the healing at home while you lie down on a couch, your bed (30 minutes) or just whatever position you feel comfortable with. After the session we’ll have a brief conversation by phone or mail and you’ll get the chance to talk about you experience.



• Access Bars®, Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® are not substitutes for conventionel treatment, but they may be used as a supplement to it.
• I will not make a diagnosis or treat specific health problems. The purpose of the modalities is to take you back to a state of equilibrium.
• If you take prescribed medicine it is important that you continue doing that during the sessions. You should always consult and coordinate changes in your medicine with your attending doctor.