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Do you want:

  • peace of mind?
  • better judgement?
  • to learn how to be more attentive?
  •  to raise your consciousness regarding your thoughts, reactions and actions?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to just one of these questions, then mindfulness is something for you.

What is mindfulness?

  • To focus on the present moment.
  • To work with your mind and learn how to focus on your thoughts, emotions and body senses.
  • To be able to take better "control" over your mind – to avoid that your mind controls you.
  • To wake up and start living your life right now. You probably know what it means to judge yourself, others or the situation you are in.
  • To be mindful, however, means to be present in the present moment without judging it.

”To be aware of and acknowledge with love the things that happen in your mind from one moment to another.” (Ole Vedfelt)

Why mindfulness?

It is easy to be present and seize the moment when your life feels perfect. But life is seldom the way you want it to be.

Many of us don’t know how to take good care of ourselves. We live in a constant change between being busy, overloaded or totally exhausted.
Every day we fill our lives with something, e.g. the mobile, TV, computer, conversation, activities, or extra work, to avoid the feelings that belong to feeling alive.

Some people have a tendency to either live in the future or in the past, pondering over things that have happened or worrying about things that might happen. They make plans and imagine how life could be. Or they look for someone to blame for the way their life has turned out.

What do I get from learning mindfulness?

Balance is the key

Balance is the key

  • How to be present and attentive in the present moment.
  • How to live with all your senses open and to be aware of your thoughts, emotions and sensations without judging and valuating your experiences.
  • How to just see things the way they are and then let go of them without reacting to them.
  • More control of your impulses, and help to think twice before you follow your wish or desire for something.

In mindfulness you practice the ultimate freedom: You learn how to let go of the tyranny of your mind. That means that you can feel frustration or anger, e.g., but will be able to let go of it without having to react to it. You will also be able to feel an intense longing without becoming a slave to it.


Mindfulness is like sitting behind the wheel in your own life,

ready to take control over your thoughts and emotions. By being conscious when you work with your mind, you’ll be able choose how to experience and react to the things that happen inside and around you, and how you want to deal with life, with people you meet, situations you’ll be in as well as problems and challenges.

You will experience the present moment and be kind to yourself. Observe thoughts and emotions with humor and ease.
When you feel good about yourself you’ll stop repeating the same things again and again. You’ll take care of yourself and be able to see the richness in every single moment.

Each session lasts 50 minutes.