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Reconnective Healing – distance healing


The Reconnective Healing energies are quite powerful. I could actually feel them moving through my body immediately.

I was fortunate in that I was able to experience Vianne's skill as a healer both in person in Copenhagen and at a distance from my home in America.

All of my healing sessions with her were wonderfully calming and peaceful. The energies just seem to flow through her so naturally.

Distance Healing


I highly recommend Reconnective distance Healing.

I have received 4 times, and after the fourth time I experienced a great heart opening.

It's now possible to get in touch with the energies when I feel low in energy, like I can enclose others with the energies if they are not feeling well.

It's fantastic. <3

Distance healing


I can definitely recommend Vianne's distance healing.


Within two months I've lost four people in my life and I felt that everything inside my head was a big jumble.


After two distance healings I now feel as if the "puzzle" in my head has fallen into place, and there is more stillness.


During the distance healing I felt like there was put a ribbon around my forehead and head, which Vianne also could feel on herself.


Great experience. The energies has now fallen into place again.

Distance healing

Peter Just

I have to recommend Vianne after trying Reconnective Healing. I woke up this morning with severe pain in my back and I couldn't even turn my body around in bed. All movements did hurt.


We agreed that she would start at 8 am and exactly at the stroke of 8 I felt a strong energy poured into my body and releasing the pain. It started in the lower back where my pain was and then continued up the spine and rested a bit in the shoulder area where it loosened some tension. Then it returned to the lower back and worked there.


I usually have difficulties to feel healing, so I did not expect much of this, but the impact was so powerful that I have to recommend it to others. Allow yourself to try it.