Healing to a Cat

Anne K.

My cat Walter is an elderly “lady” at now 16 years. One morning she had just pain everywhere, she couldn't move and do anything. She came immediately to the vet, who could see that Walter had pain, but  not see what was really wrong. Blood samples were taken and she got a lot of painkillers, but it was not good at all. Short after the blood samples showed that there was problems with the metabolism, so she needed one pill every day.


I must say that I got scared if I had to lose my lovely cat, so I asked Vianne for help.


Vianne came in and sat in the room with a very skeptical Walter cat who didn't want to come near Vianne, but sat at a distance with the back to her. However, you could sense the connection between them. Slowly Walter became relaxed, laid down and seemed to enjoy the experience.


After two sessions Walter was improving and no longer needed painkillers. At the next check at the vet the metabolic medicine was reduced to one tablet every second day. After a few weeks new blood tests showed that Walter no longer needed the medication. The thyroid gland functioned well again.


It is now 1 ½ years ago. Although Walter is thin and find it hard to gain weight, she is still functioning very well, she is fresh and enjoys life.

The Reconnection

S. M.

Here 5 months after my Reconnection: It's like a special world is opening up to me. It is as if things comes to me with ease, I don't need to fight for it. It feels like everything fits together in my life now.
I feel much more calm and am not worried for the future. It's much easier to stay focused on what I want. Life is beautiful.


Agnes S.

I enjoyed deeply how Vianne shared her inner personality with me, not only through words, but also in paying attention and reflecting to the current change in myself.


Noticing how much I wished to see my way she gave me the words that I needed very much and the attention that inspired me to seek for my true inner self.

Distance healing

Gitte A.

I had flu symptoms. The healing became a "quiet time". Approximately midway the heart began to beat faster, and there was a tightness in the stomach, followed by rumbling. The head became worse, but in the evening I fell asleep on the couch and I slept "as a bear" the whole night. I like this!